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Flowsport+ Header System.

At MBH we are well aware that not everyone has it in there car build budget to spend a good amount of money on the highest quality headers you can get for your Mercedes AMG. We get it. For years we have tossed around the idea of having a more cost friendly option for the Mercedes AMG performance community.

Today we are happy to announce our new Flowsport+ series header system for the M156 powered Mercedes W204 C63 AMG and The Mercedes W212 E63 AMG. Expect power gains about around 30-40 wheel horsepower or more depending on your other mods!

These headers not only made with 304 stainless steel, but backed with a warranty only MBH can do. Each header system comes with a 5 year limited warranty. Thats 5X more warranty than another header system around this price point. For more info on our Flowsport+ 5 year limited warranty.

Nothing is more expensive than having to buy something twice. What do you do if your header develop a crack after a year of use? With others your are pretty much out of luck . Not so with MBH. If your header is defective within the 1st year we will replace it or repair it. After year 1 and up until year 5 if a defect or crack develops we will attempt to repair the header. For more info on our Flowsport+ warranty or any of our product warranty's. Check out our warranty info page.


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