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Downpipes are the key to unlock your Mercedes C63 W205's Potential

Updated: May 21

For Mercedes C63 W205 owners with the M178 engine, upgrading to high-quality downpipes is a game-changer. Here's why adding downpipes to your C63 is a smart move:

Why Upgrade to Downpipes?

1. Boost Performance: Upgrading to downpipes significantly enhances exhaust flow, reducing backpressure. This leads to noticeable gains in horsepower and torque, allowing your C63 to unleash its full potential.

2. Improved Sound: Downpipes transform your exhaust note, producing a deeper, more aggressive sound that perfectly matches the C63's sporty character. This auditory enhancement adds to the overall driving thrill.

3. Better Heat Management: C63 downpipes eliminate the cats. The cats not only get to extremely high temps they also cause heat to build up in the engine and engine bay. Our Flowsport C63 downpipes are heat shield wrapped, helping to manage the intense heat produced by the M178 engine. This ensures your engine runs cooler and more efficiently, even under demanding conditions. Our USA line of W205 C63 downpipes use the highest quality United States stainless steel. High quality stainless steel is a very poor conductor of heat. What does that mean for you? It mean heat is not easily transferred from inside the downpipes to the outside unlike other downpipes on the market.

4. Enhanced Durability: As mentioned above, quality downpipes, like those from MBH Motorsports USA line, are constructed from durable materials such United States, 16 gauge, 304 stainless steel. This ensures long-lasting performance and resistance to corrosion. Our Flowsport C63 Downpipes also use stainless steel constructions that is globally sourced

Why Choose MBH Motorsports Downpipes?

MBH Motorsports offers top-of-the-line downpipes specifically designed for the Mercedes C63 W205. Their downpipes are known for their superior construction, precision engineering, and performance benefits.

Key Features:

  • Material: 16-gauge 304 stainless steel for exceptional durability.

  • Construction: Precision TIG welding for robust and reliable performance.

  • Design: Mandrel-bent tubing for optimal exhaust flow.

  • Heat Shields: Available for effective heat management on your Flowsports C63 downpipes

Experience the Difference

Upgrading to MBH Motorsports downpipes will elevate your C63's performance, sound, and overall driving experience. For more information and to explore their offerings, visit MBH Motorsports C63 AMG Downpipes.

By investing in high-quality downpipes, you're not just making an upgrade; you're transforming your Mercedes C63 W205 into a more powerful, responsive, and thrilling machine. Enjoy the benefits of improved performance and sound with MBH Motorsports downpipes today

Power Gains:

Always everyone's favorite topic. How much horsepower can you expect from your M177 W205 C63 AMG downpipes?

Without tuning you can expect around 20 wheel horsepower over stock. If you add tuning with your downpipes this is when things really come alive. You can easily expect 100 wheel horsepower (give or take) or more depending on how aggressive the tune is on your C63 S. Depending on what dyno you use and what day you go you should be in the ball park of 550 Wheel horsepower and like 560 ft lbs of torque. Those being peak power numbers. However big 100 whp power gains will be had in the mid RPM range and peak torque should will be in to 3k to 3.5K RPM range.

You can find heat Shield downpipes for the W205 C63 AMG in the link below

You can find USA made W205 C63 AMG downpipes in this link below


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