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Not a fan of having to remove your ECU and having to mail it across the country? Say no more. Flash our performance tuning software in your driveway withthe touch of your finger. Our handheld tuning module connects to your car via the OBDII port, and allows with a couple of selections from the intuitive touch screen disply you can instantly increase horsepower and torque on your Mercedes-Benz. Our handheld tuning module can store multiple tune files , that can be used whenever you want. You can have a performance file, a race fuel file, and more. If you need to flash your car back to stock you can do that at any time. 

How it works: 

​​​​​​​When you get your remote handheld tuning module you will plug it into your car via OBD2 port and the suppied OBD2 cable. 

Form there you will read out your factory ECU and store the factory file on your handheld module. 

Unplug the module and connect it to your computer via the suppied USB cable. 

You will then email us your factory file you stored on the handheld tuning module. We will in turn send you back a performance file for you to upload to your car. Its that easy. 


Touch Screen Remote Tuning Module

$412.00 Regular Price
$391.40Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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