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These MBH Motorsports SLK55 AMG long tube headers are made to last a lifetime. In fact, we guarantee they will. The SLK55 AMG long tube headers are made from heavy 16 gauge T304 Stainless Steel and feature a T321 Stainless steel flange, just like every other header we make. 


On the naturally aspirated M113  AMG engine powering the SLK55, adding these SLK55 AMG long tube headers will make you about 30-40 wheel horsepower. Thats with no other modifications! In a car as small as the SLK55 AMG , that is power you can not only feel, but use as well. 


For the person looking to add more power to their SLK55 AMG, the MBH Motorsports SLK55 AMG long tube headers are a great place to start. In fact most people start with long tube headers when they set out to add more power.  

For off road racing and competition use only. This product is not intended to be installed on a registered vehicle for use on public roads or highways and may never be installed on a  registered or licenced vehicle for use on any public roads and highways.

SLK55 M113 Long Tube Headers

$2,542.00 Regular Price
$2,414.90Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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