The MBH Motorsports SL55 AMG long tube headers are nothing short of extraordinary. With an SL55 AMG as our shop/test car, we were able to fine tune these headers and achieve huge power gains. The SL55 AMG long tube headers we designed picked up an astonishing 46 wheel horsepower over stock! This helped take a rather heavy our SL55 AMG to a level of performance and could out run many of the supercars on the market today. 


Just like every other long tube header we make, these SL55 AMG long tube headers have heavy 16 gauge T304 stainless steel primary tubes and a T321 stainless steel flange. 


Each header is hand ported at the flange and purge welded to keep exhaust gasses flowing smoothly. 


If you are looking to add big power to your  SL55 AMG. MBH motorsports SL55 AMG long tube headers and the first place you should look.


These SL55 AMG long tube headers also fit the SL500 R230 with smaller connecting pipes.  

SL55 Long Tube Headers

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