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Our CLS55 AMG long tube headers were the first stainless steel long tube headers available in the USA. We Custom made the CLS55 AMG long tube headers for the CLS55 AMG to take advantage of the unique sound the car makes want you replace some if the exhaust components.


As far as the 55 AMG goes. We at MBH Motorsports feel our long tube headers for CLS55 AMG create one of the best sounding Mercedes on the road today. With a lot of bark when you want it and calm when you don’t. There is really no other 55 Mercedes out there that sounds like a CLS55 AMG. 


The long tube headers replace the restrictive factory exhaust manifolds. Freeing up Horsepower and torque in staggering amounts. Our Dyno testing and other 3rd party testing confirms. These make big power. To the tune of about 48 horsepower at the wheels over a stock exhaust set up. 


In fact we guarantee these headers to make 40+ wheel horsepower over stock. 


MBH Motorsports is the first and only company making long tube headers for Mercedes-Benz and AMG that has a '"Horsepower Guarantee".


MBH Motorsports' CLS55 AMG long tube headers are guaranteed to make you at least 40 wheel horsepower over stock. If you find that they do not, send them back and we will refund you. As always, all MBH Motorsports header systems come with a lifetime warranty. These CLS55 AMG long tube headers also fit the CLS500 with smaller connection pipes  

For off road racing and competition use only. This product is not intended to be installed on a registered vehicle for use on public roads or highways and may never be installed on a  registered or licenced vehicle for use on any public roads and highways.

CLS55 Long Tube Headers

$2,382.00 Regular Price
$1,999.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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