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When it comes to legendary cars in the Mercedes line up there is one car that sits atop them all. Some would say its the car that started the modern day AMG craze. The car that exploded the Mercedes aftermarket.  The E55 AMG W211 with its 5.5L supercharged (kompressor) engine was a performance enthusiasts dream.  It's timeless design was met with more horsepower and torque than most exotics cars at at the time. The true beauty that lives on today is how easy the E55 AMG is to extract massive amounts of horsepower from. Already putting down 469hp with a highly restrictive exhaust, Adding a set of MBH headers to an E55 gets you into the 550hp area Put an ECU tune and a pulley on and you are looking at a 650+hp monster. Now you can see why the E55 has been and will continue to be so popular. 

Ever since our inception, MBH Motorsports E55 headers have gained a cult like following. Not through marketing, but from one person's experience to the next. Our E55 headers have built a reputation of making superior power, with unmatched craftsmanship. Finally there was E55 headers available to the Mercedes community that could survive the harsh conditions of racing, and daily use. Before MBH E55 headers were available the choices were slim and the longevity of what was available was questionable at best. 


Here at MBH, we are happy to bring you the best E55 performance parts on the market. Whether it be a supercharger pulley or our legendary  E55 headers or Mercedes tuning.  Being a leader in E55 performance parts our E55 headers and mid-sections can come in a wide variety of configurations. If all you need or want is long tube headers. We have it. We send along adapter pipes that slip onto the end of your headers and help mate the headers to the factory exhaust. Keep in mind, if you just get our long tube headers only, there is some mild fabrication that has to take place. It involves cutting and welding to mate your E55 header system to your OEM exhaust. Keep in mind this will eliminate your primary cats. Because of this, our E55 headers are for off road use only. If you wish to have your system be 100% bolt on, then you will need to purchase one of our mid-sections. Our mid-sections come in two forms. Either a standard mid-section that runs straight pipes from the back of your  headers to the factory resonator or in a Xpipe form. The Xpipe equipped mid-section is exactly the same as the straight version except it has an Xpipe integrated into it. The mid-section with Xpipe offers a bit more power and refined sound. However both straight and Xpipe versions  allow your E55 headers to be 100% bolt on. Also, keep in-mind the Mid-section option in both varieties will delete your secondary cats. Again these parts are intended for off road use only. 

If you would like to add back in a set of high performance cats to your E55 headers we can integrate that in as well. Either in a primary or secondary form. 

As for tuning, we do require that you send us your ECU and we flash it and send it back. All of our tunes originate from Germany and are calibrated by some of the best Mercedes tuners in the world.  Many who have worked for some high profile Mercedes shops around the globe. We have tunes that are custom matched to work with our E55 headers in any configuration.

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