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MBH Motorsports Mercedes C55 AMG long tube headers are the best available headers you can get for your C55 AMG today. These long tube headers are equipped on the world's fastest C55 AMG. Running the ¼ mile in 11.5 seconds and trap speeds of over 120mph. 


Built using the same top quality materials found in all of our other long tube headers, MBH Motorsports' C55 AMG long tube headers follow the same quality inspections as any other system we make. We do not cut corners and the C55 AMG is no exception. 


You will find MBH Motorsports' C55 AMG long tube header to have superior weld quality. Part of this is due to back purging the tubing with Argon gas, resulting in smooth inside wall transitions that aid performance. 


Our C55 AMG long tube header was designed using CAD and flow dynamic software that takes into consideration certain specifications for the M113 5.5 liter AMG engine. The result of this is a set of C55 AMG long tube headers that make horsepower far beyond any other header system available for the C55 AMG. 

For off road racing and competition use only. This product is not intended to be installed on a registered vehicle for use on public roads or highways and may never be installed on a  registered or licenced vehicle for use on any public roads and highways.

C55 AMG Long Tube Headers

$2,382.00 Regular Price
$2,282.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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