CNC machined from a solid billet aluminum block to an amazing finish. The MBH Motorsports rear supercharger snout allows you to use a 92mm throttle body without any modificaitons. The MBH supercharger snout features a tapered angle and emilinates many of the restrictions in the OEM snout. This machiend snout also features a full coverage one piece bearing hield delector to protect your supercharger bearing and deflect air from dead spots in the supercharger casting.  This is a vastly superior design than others that only cover the bearing and do not deflect air away from the dead zone inbetweek the bearings.  

Our snout has pervisions for oem vacuum lines, and crank case ventalation. This snout deletes the brake booster port not used on many M113 Kompressor powers AMG's. Such as the E55, CLS55 and SL55. We do not recoment this be used on AMG's that require the brake booster port on the OEM unit.  

M113 Milled 92mm Throttle Body Snout

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